Feeling inspired…

I go through peaks and valleys with creating new pieces. Typically around the holidays I feel a creative spark, and that usually coincides with handmade gifts for all the women in my family. I usually do a bracelet. I think bracelets make great gifts because you don’t have to worry a lot about fit, they are at a great price point and can be an accessory that people will step out of their comfort zone with. When I find a style or concept that I really like, I adapt it into different colors and textures. Last year was wrap bracelets. I have continued to make some wrap bracelets in the last year. They are really versatile and pretty indestructible.

Pictured above are “Tengo Ombre” and “Pearl-i-que.” I love coming up with fun names for each piece. If you ever watch Bob’s Burgers on Fox’s Animation Domination (and if you don’t you really should!), you probably know that Bob always has a creatively named burger on the chalkboard at his restaurant that is a play on words of some sort based on the burger ingredients. I also love all the fun O.P.I nail color names. I feel very inspired by Bob and O.P.I.! I try to come up with fun and creative names for my jewelry pieces. The names for my pieces are sometimes inspired by the materials used, or the colors, or the shapes, or what inspired me to make a particular piece in the first place. Soooo… hopefully you get a smile out of some of the names of my pieces!

Here is a look at some of the ladies in my family modeling their stretchy stacks bracelets from this Christmas:


Shop Bracelets


Sometimes I will go to a bead show, or a store, and really get inspired by some unique beads that I find. Then I will create a new piece or multiple pieces with that inspiration. Other times, such is the case recently, I will drag out a whole bunch of materials (I bought a lot of stuff in bulk in the last year) and I will just start putting different pieces together.


I’ve also been challenging myself to use the materials I have on hand (sometimes I’ll buy some beads or pendants and only use about 20% of what I bought leaving the other 80% to be on hand and wanting to be incorporated into a new design). Other times I will see something I really want in a magazine or on somebody else, and I’ll think I really want that, or I love that but I would do that just a little differently, and then that will inspire a new piece.

To sum up what I’m trying to say, my designs fall into 3 different categories:

  1. Inspired by a singular material
  2. Inspired by combinations of materials on hand
  3. Inspired by fashion I see in the world


Making jewelry is my favorite creative outlet. My mom was always very creative, and I think she passed on a little of that to me. I find creative outlets to be very therapeutic and a great break to the more stressful things in life.


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