Falling for this weather!

It finally feels like fall, and although it’s been on the cold side this weekend, it has me totally feeling all the fall feels! I’ve worked on a few new pieces of jewelry over the weekend (check out my shopping page to see them all), I’ve posted some other pieces that I made a while ago and just hadn’t gotten around to, and I’ve been in the kitchen with some pumpkin and squash and I’m loving all the fall vibes:)

I have a love for all things boho, and I would really like to be a Hippie in my next life but I have a difficult time with letting go of things like high heels and lattes, and I really don’t like patchouli… So I’m not sure if I will ever fully get there in this life, but I can always accessorize more like one. I love stacking together bracelets, and I’ve been obsessed with img_3996tassels for the last year:) This look has a nice fall vibe with this combination of bracelets together. I love how the different colored tassels and charms play off one another, and the look can be a little messy, that’s what the boho vibe is all about. I like mixing colors, textures and metals, and I think that plays really well with the boho vibe.

Here is a photo from my photo shoot with Hyun Ah Kim Photography, and it has some other stacked bracelets. This look is one of my favorites, but it’s not as close to the fall vibe with the brighter colors:

2h7a0719 … So, other than making jewelry this weekend, I also drank some delicious craft beer with my in-laws! We had a great time in OTR. However, our first three choices of bars were crowded or not seating tables when we arrived. That lead us off of Vine Street, which we are familiar with, and down a different street where we stumbled upon Taft’s Ale House. Loved it! The beer was awesome, service was great, and the place is fantastic! REALLY cool architecture… oh and the food was good too! Everyone was happy 🙂 I highly recommend the loaded tots, and the coconut brown ale.

And, I had some fun in the kitchen with some fall produce that my husband’s step mom brought me. She brought me a big Cinderella pumpkin and bunch of butternut squash. I roasted half of the pumpkin (just cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and throw it in the over at 400 degrees for about an hour, until skin is soft and easily pierced with a fork). I pureed the pumpkin and put half in the fridge and half in the freezer to use in other recipes. I also steamed a wedge of the pumpkin in the microwave and put some salt, pepper and spray butter on it and it was delicious. I roasted the pumpkin seeds with butter and sea salt, also a very yummy snack. Then I prepped some squash zoodles for our dinner tonight.

All in all I had a great weekend! Wonderful time with family, I got some jewelry updated, I prepped some delicious fall food and I’m feeling very domestic. To cap it all off, I’m going to open up my style shipment from Evereve Trendsend (similar concept to Stitimg_3995ch Fix, but
they have brick and mortar stores and you can exchange items they ship you for different size and there is $0 styling fee).


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