Welcome to my blog site!

I’ve been meaning to put together a blog for the last year and finally got a kick in the butt to get down to business and get it done!

My friend did this awesome photo shoot for me and it has inspired me to be more creative (it’s also inspire me to start blogging and to share my collection with more people). All of these amazing photos are from the lovely and talented Hyun Ah Kim Photography (instagram @hkimphoto).

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from creating jewelry… and I’ve really missed it! With relocating from Charlotte to Cincinnati it has been a bit tough. We haven’t fully unpacked our house because we are pursuing a huge remodel (hopefully that is finally getting underway just after Thanksgiving, our contractors are in high demand here!). I would say that I’ve been inspired at times, but I haven’t had the time to create. I also finally just dug out all of my tools and most of my supplies (there is still a really heavy box somewhere with lots of glass beads weighing it down). And on top of that it’s been a struggle with working in an office again. It was really awesome to have a home office for my full time gig and now the added time with commuting and fully getting myself ready in the morning is

I love how these pieces photographed in nature… and I also felt inspired to create some more natural pieces… more jasper, wood beads, shell… (stay tuned for that).


The bright colors really popped off of the green and yellow leaves though. And, though I typically feel quite un-photogenic, Hyun Ah gave really great direction (that made me feel pretty and not awkward, which awkward is how I usually feel when getting my photo taken).


I’m feeling inspired to make more bracelets, and I even made some earrings recently (I don’t like matchy-matchy sets so I have struggled with creating earrings in the past, especially since I most prefer small studs, so that is why I have shied away from earrings, but I really like this pair and am going to do some different riffs on this look).

You have to look really hard to get a hint of the earrings but they’re there.




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